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Hippo Theatre Group’ s study on physical theatre kinemo is now published and it’ s available in English. Co – founder of Hippo Theatre Group, Alexandros Raptis, will do an acting workshop based on kinemo during the For/With/By Festival of European Youth Theatre that will take place in Barrow-in-Furness, UK, on 24th – 28th of July 2023.

Kinemo is a method of acting and moving on stage based on physical theatre. However, it has its own singularities and its own grammar and vocabulary. Kinemo is a neologism derived from the abbreviation of the words kinaesthetic and emotional. The mix of these two elements (kinaesthesia and emotion) plays structural role in the theatrical research that belongs to this kind of physical theatre. Its renovating technique helps the actors to find their own ways of expression and activate hidden inner qualities of stage energy. The theory and the practice of Kinemo is now published in English giving the opportunity to a wider audience to get familiar with it.

Hippo Theatre Group’s interactive show for kids “Strays” based on Kinemo acting style, will travel this July (24th – 28th) to Barrow in Furness, UK  to participate in the For/With/By International Festival of European Youth Theatre 2023. During the festival, Alexandros Raptis, one of the founders of Hippo Theatre Group, will do a workshop for teenagers and adults based on the Kinemo theatre acting style.  On early August the “Stays” show will also travel to Bitola, North Macedonia to participate in the 12th ICTF Bitolino international festival 2023.

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