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By Alexandros Raptis, Fotis Dousos

Our new book titled kinemo was published in the middle of November of 2018 from the Greek publications Aggelakis. The book epitomizes our theory on physical theater. 

With this book we introduce kinemo theatre performing style as an original way of acting and directing. Kinemo is based on surrealistic movement concepts and it tries to set every scene with emphasis on the relation and the communication between the performers’ bodies. 

In the book we talk about the importance of the high levels of energy and the fast rhythms on stage, we analyze our theory about the yin-yang actor (a method to control and channel the energy of the body), we discuss how to overpass obstacles during the rehearsals and the performance, we clarify misconceptions during warm-ups and several other issues.

The content of kinemo is our conclusion after nine years of practicing its ideas on stages all around the world. 

The english translation has already been done and it will be very soon published and also available on Amazon. Please feel free to contact us for further details or for a copy through our email

“…In our view, theatre must be a moving meditation that matures the actor in a way that he will be able to reach a primary wisdom…” from kinemo.

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