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I had the opportunity to attend the Next Generation Program and I can say that my experience was more than rewarding. I found a very open and friendly community in ASSITEJ which gave us a great opportunity to gather with all sorts of people and all sorts of experiences in theatre for young audiences.

The Next Generation Program

                I think that the diversity of the assistants to this program was ideal because it gave me the opportunity to understand more about the process of other areas that might not be of my expertise. I will highly encourage the organizers of this program to keep and increase the diversity of people who attend it, I repeat that the gathering with producers, dancers, investigators and general performers definitely increased my view on how theatre can be made and it sparks the curiosity in me to do multi-discipline work (since I have developed mainly as an actress and teacher) and in the future I would love to attend again and share this experience with scenographers, costume designers, etc. who can also share a more practical point of view on the topic.

                I found what other participants shared quite interesting and I would definitely suggest keeping that as a part of the dynamic of the group since it gives us an opportunity to go deeper into what we do and create bonds of collaboration. I would suggest that aside of sharing and the meetings, there could also be a workshop everyday on a certain topic or work on developing a text. For example, a small text can be performed, a certain topic to experiment on a practical basis, etc. However, I do understand that this year the organizers decided to gives us a more “free schedule” in order to leave some room for plays, workshops and symposiums.

                In my experience I found the inclusion of symposiums very interesting since it gave me a chance to understand more about these topics and now I view inclusion not as an option but rather as a “must” that every work should relate to in one way or the other. I suggest keeping these topics on the table as you are already doing because without a doubt it opens a whole new perspective of artistic creation and mostly of responsibility.

                I may say that the variety of works from all around the world that we saw was very interesting and each was unique in some way, from the acting to the stories each showed me that the definition of TYA is very wide and it includes and encourages diversity. Some of the creators of those plays offered workshops and symposiums and I think that the possibility to be able to discuss and to know more about the creation process for the plays should be encouraged since it is another great way to pick on the brain of those people that delivered such amazing works and to find some inspiration.

                Finally what I mainly take with me of this whole experience is to be able to expand my idea of what TYA is and how we as creators can approach it.

                In general I think that NG Program was very well organized, accurate and in my personal experience it helped me open my perspective and definitions. It is quite interesting to see how other countries in other circumstances create and it helps me to understand my own position on this topic better. I look forward to keep growing with this network and to keep sharing my experiences with you. And to use some British words… NG Program was just lovely!



Next Generation Program,

Birgmingham 2016 On the Edge Name:

Georgina Saggiante Montero

Country: Mexico

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