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On Monday 4th July, the Next Generation Network held the first Alumni Sharing/ network event, celebrating collaborations emerging from the past four years’ NG cohorts. The following projects were presented;

Peter Kus (Slovenia) – NG Okinawa 2012

Collaborating with YiHsin Lu (Taiwan) on “Bing, Bang, Boing – The Noise Making Boy”

Paul Curley (Ireland) – NG Okinawa 2012

Collaborating with Nina Hajiyianni (UK) on “Happily Ever After”, as well as with Hussein Nakhal (Lebanon) on “Bake!”, and with Haruka Kuroda (UK) and Peter Kus (Slovenia) on “The Satsuma Project”

Melika Ramic (Austria) – NG Linz 2013

Collaborating with Tammy Reichling (Luxembourg) and Diana Rojas-Feile (Switzerland) on “3—times: about being a child and growing up”

Chantal McCormick (Ireland) – NG Delhi 2014

Collaborating with Tinna Grétarsdóttir (Iceland) on “Furðufjaðrir” / “Strange Feathers”

Minoovash Rahimian (Iran) – NG Warsaw 2014

Collaborating with Sharon Gavrielov (Israel) and Thom Browning (Australia) on “Mine”

The session included short clips of rehearsals and performances, as well as reflections on the benefits of participating in the Next Generation programme. Minoovash Rahomian, Sharon Gavrielov and Thom Browning presented three short films about their planned project, appealing for assistance with finding a venue to help develop the project. The audience was made up of the 2016 NG cohort, members of the ASSITEJ Executive Committee and delegates of the On The Edge festival.

The NG Network Facebook group can be found at and is open to anyone interested in the Next Generation programme and network.