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At the Board meeting in Havana, Cuba on 1 June 2024, the IIAN Chair and Secretary both announced they wished to step down from their positions. Nishna Mehta will leave the Board but remain the Champion for India and we are very grateful for her excellent leadership.  Vicky Ireland will stay as a Board member.

IIAN is therefore looking for individuals interested in taking up these crucial roles within the organisation. If they are appointed externally, they will automatically become a board member.

Below are the job descriptions, plus a new position of Treasurer.

If you are interested in being considered for any of these roles, please send a letter of intent and a CV, by Friday August 16th to

The Board will then meet and vote.

Once appointed, there will be a handover period of 6 months, terminating at the end of March 2025, during which the Board will help in any way they can to support the new appointees.

We look forward to hearing from any interested parties willing to join this inspiring network and help lead it into a positive and dynamic future.


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