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Dear ASSITEJ National Centres,

IIAN is once again looking for individuals (Champions) who will help us by representing their country/region in this global Network. IIAN Champions are essential in ensuring that the inclusive community of the Performing Arts for Children and Young People is connected worldwide.

If you do not already have an IIAN Champion, we urge you to select one.

The details we require are:

  • Name of the individual
  • Bio/Profile of the individual, including details of any matters specifically related to inclusivity, written in an ASSITEJ working language.
  • Contact details of the individual, especially their email.
  • Personal Rider if they have one.

Please reach out to us with any questions.

We kindly ask you to send your recommendation by

5 March to the team: Fran Sillau – USA Champion, Aamir Nawaz-Pakistan Champion, and Vicky Ireland-IIAN Secretary at: ; ;


The IIAN Champions Team


Who is an IIAN Champion:  

Under the aims and objectives of IIAN, each Champion will serve as a representative of IIAN in their respective country/region. They will be the major connection point of IIAN with inclusive performing arts for young  audience practices and performing artists with inclusive practices/market in that specific country or region,

The role of an IIAN Champion:

1- An IIAN Champion is in charge of providing information and news about inclusive work or programming in their country or region, which will be called “mapping”.

2- An IIAN champion will serve as an ambassador of IIAN in their country or region, representing IIAN in a positive light and if needed, will establish a connection between IIAN and local theatres /artists doing inclusive practice.

3- A Champion will provide reliable information to IIAN regarding any barrier or perceived barrier that exists in their region with regard to inclusive participation and practice so that, where appropriate and possible, IIAN can offer a platform to address concerns.

Eligibility for the selection of a Champion:

1- A person who has the recommendation and approval of an ASSITEJ National Centre.

2 – A person who has a solid and active connection with inclusive performing arts for young audience practices/ artists/ companies/markets in their specific country/region.

3- A person who is committed to providing required information and news from a specific country/ region about inclusive performing arts practices to IIAN on a regular basis.

4- A person who is willing to commit and take part in 3-4 yearly meetings on Zoom. Also, answering emails from the IIAN Champions team.

5- A serving term would be four years.


IIAN Coffee Meeting

International Inclusive Arts Network for the Performing Arts for Children and Young People
“Let’s talk IIAN Champions!!”
Who are they, what do they do, how do you become one?
Meet the IIAN Board with a cup of coffee to have a friendly chat and find out more about our organisation and our wonderful Champions.
Wednesday, 27 March
9 am CET – register
2 pm CET – register