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In coordination with ASSITEJ International, the Ibero-American Network of ASSITEJ and the National Council for the Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, the Programme has prepared a series of activities.

Between 24 May and 1 June this year, the 21st edition of the ASSITEJ World Congress will be held in the city of Havana (Cuba), together with a Festival of Performing Arts for Children and Youth.

In addition to being able to attend more than twenty stage productions, a Professional Exchange Programme will be held during the Congress with workshops, round tables and exhibitions, all of them specifically focused on the Performing Arts for Children and Youth.

It is in this context that IBERESCENA, with the aim of making visible and reinforcing the Ibero-American Cultural Space in the framework of the Congress, has prepared a special delegation to be institutionally present, made up of the President of the Programme, the Technical Secretary and members of the Executive Committee.

Together with a theoretical-practical workshop session on the IBERESCENA Call for Proposals 2024/2025, the Mobility Study promoted by the Programme’s Commission for Mobility and Internationalisation, “The Future of Ibero-American Performing Arts Mobility”, will be presented.

In addition, there will be two sessions of direct liaison with the sector. The first of them focused on the strengthening of Ibero-American networks linked to the Performing Arts for Children and Youth. And the second in a meeting with agents from the sector in which work teams will be established to work on different strategic lines towards the Ibero-American Year of the Performing Arts 2025.

With all this, we hope to be able to continue consolidating this #ComunidadIBERESCENA (#IBERESCENACommunity) linked to the Ibero-American Performing Arts for Children and Youth.

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