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The “THEATRE EXPOSED” International Theatrical Photography Competition is held annually and is timed to coincide with World Photographer’s Day.

Professional theater photographers can take part in the competition.

Participation is free.

Dates of the Photo Contest: from 1 January to 19 August 2024

Theme: Theatre as Art

Genres: art photo, portrait photo, movement in art, open category (street theatre, immersive theatre, experimental photo).


The International Jury of theTHEATRE EXPOSED-2024″ Competition includes:

Yuri Mechitov (Georgia) – Head of the Expert Council of the Competition, photographer, documentarian, and author of many books, including a photo album of Sergei Parajanov “Chronicle of dialogue”

Izya Shlosberg (USA) – artist, writer, philosopher, and founder of the Shiva-club creative union

Jelena Vilt (Estonia) – photo artist, theatre photographer

Makinde Adeniran (Nigeria) – Secretary General of NANTAP (the National Association of Nigerian Theatre), director, writer, and broadcaster

Seok-hong KIM (Korea)- Director of Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS)

Board Member ASSITEJ Korea, Vice President ASSITEJ International

Sergey Zhdanovich (Belarus) – photographer, artist

Japan Stage Photographers Society (JSPS)

Jovan Vidaković (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – photographer, participant and winner of previous competitions

Reza Mozafari Manesh (Iran) – photographer, participant and winner of the previous competition

Ariel Cecilio Lemus (Cuba) – photographer, photojournalist, participant and winner of previous competitions

Mankica Kranjec (Slovenia) – photographer, participant and winner of the previous competition


Stages of carrying out:

The first stage – From 1 January to 1 July 2024 – registration of participants and acceptance of photographs for the Photo Contest.

The second stage – From 1 to 31 July 2024 – evaluation of works by members of the International Jury of the Photo Contest. Based on the voting results, the public announcement of the long list was made on the project’s Facebook page (FB: @THEATRE EXPOSED).

The third stage – From 1 to 10 August 2024, everyone can vote for their favorite photo on the project’s Facebook page (FB: @THEATRE EXPOSED).

The fourth stage – The announcement of the winners will be on 19 August 2024 – on the World Photographer’s Day.


Conditions of the Competition:

Each participant must register by 1 July 2024:

Photos are accepted by email at


The following are allowed to participate in the Competition:

* 5 photographs in four categories (art, portrait, movement in art, open), but no more than 20 photographs from each participant.

* Photographs must be signed: Last name_Category (in Latin).

* Photographs must be accompanied by a separate text annexe with a description (name of the performance, location (country, city, theatre), director, and actors).

* The photograph must meet the following criteria: composition; artistry; disclosure of the topic; originality; corner; nuances and details; rhythm; inspiration; emotionality; coloring; scenario; key moment; dynamism.

* The photograph must be of high quality, clear, and in an image file format of no more than 1.5 MB (2000 by 1500 pixels), with the extension JPG or JPEG.


The following are not allowed to participate in the Competition:

– collages, pictures with inscriptions, dates, frames, filters;

– photographs whose copyright belongs to another person;

– images obtained based on artificial intelligence.


Selection of winners:

The winners will be determined by an international expert jury. Participants will be able to vote for the best photo on the competition page on Facebook.

Diplomas are awarded to the participants whose photographs received the most votes and won as a result of open voting.

The winners will be announced on 19 August 2024, World Photography Day.


Copyright and intellectual property:

Participants in the photo contest guarantee the authorship of the photo they send; in the event of any claims of third parties regarding the specified photo, the participants undertake to resolve them independently and at their own expense.

By submitting a photo to the contest, participants automatically confirm that they do not violate copyright and other intellectual rights and are fully responsible for this, in accordance with US law.

Participants grant the organizers the right to use the photo free of charge under a non-exclusive license without limiting the territory or conditions of use in order to popularize the contest and the author of the photo.

Participation in this competition implies that its participants are familiar with and agree with the listed clauses and terms of the user agreement.

In everything that is not provided for by these rules, the organizer and participants of the contest are guided by the current Law “On Copyright” in the United States.

Competition rules are subject to change.



Photos are accepted by email at



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