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Are you a director, choreographer, playwright or performer working in the field of the performing arts for young audiences? This workshop will provide a powerful networking opportunity and a chance to experience performances from around the world. The focus is to investigate the opportunities given by artistic languages to create high-quality shows for children and youth, overcoming the barrier of languages and potential misunderstanding, fostering intercultural and intergenerational dialogue in the Performing Arts for Young Audiences. 

This workshop is open to African and South African artists, and will involve a residency at the Cradle of Creativity festival, involvement in the focus days of ASSITEJ SA, workshops around The Art of Listening in TYA, and access to a host of international and local performances.

The workshop will accommodate between 15-20 African artists in residence, and 5-10 additional artists who are Johannesburg-based or who can support their own stay in Johannesburg.

Note: We are accepting applications from South Africa and all other African countries for this workshop which will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Apply here

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