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Directors in TYA – Nominate your Candidate now!
Deadline: October 1st

All national centres can nominate a candidate for DIRECTORS IN TYA – An International Exchange at the Theater in Braunschweig in 2021. Please find the application form and call here and don’t forget to send in your nominee’s application by October 1stMore info

Photo: Nikola Schellmann

Wolfgang Schneider and the Archive

In July, Wolfgang Schneider, Honorary President of ASSITEJ International, surprised the team in Frankfurt: 10 boxes full of books and documents from his private library and office will become a treasured part of the archive’s collection.

Festivals in Germany

While many festivals had to be postponed this year, we are looking forward to a fantastic festival season in 2021. Don’t forget to check out the following international festivals:

Theater der Welt

Schönere Aussichten

Starke Stücke

And our national festival Augenblick mal!

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