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SCHÖNE AUSSICHT 2024 International and regional theatre festival

In June 2024 the festival Schöne Aussicht will take place at the Junges Ensemble Stuttgart in Germany. 10 international und 8 regional performances have been invited and will form the artistic festival programm.

For the first time we revolve our festival around the question:  HOW DO YOU HANDLE UNCERTAINTY? A question we find ourselves faced with in the fast and unpredictably evolving world.

The new generation residency programm taking place during the Schöne Aussicht, is an opportunity for young theatre makers to partake in the festival, connect and discuss about theatre for young audience.

To hear about our delegate options, check our website and our social media presence.

Time: 08 – 15 June 2024

Deadline: 18 February 2024

More information & application form

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