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FRATZ Festival coming up in the fall

From October 11-17, 2024 Theater o.N. will present FRATZ International: Encounters – Symposium – Festival for the very young in Berlin. FRATZ has established itself as an important international children’s theater festival in Europe since it was born in 2013. Every two years, FRATZ invites remarkable guest performances for children 0-6 years to Berlin. It also hosts a symposium to discuss and explore the latest developments in dance and theater for very young audiences.

This year you can see “Bounced” by Magnet Theatre Cape Town, “Hanv Gara Asa” (I am home) by Sananda Mukhopadhyaya from Goa, „Fields of Tender” by Dalija Acin Thelander from Stockholm, “THINGS at the end of the world” by Alfredo Zinola (Düsseldorf/Munich), “Shall we … together” by tout petit (Zonhoven/Hasselt), “LUFT” by Nir de Volff from Berlin.

On October 12th we are inviting to an exchange of international festival makers on the topic of sustainability and global equity. Dalija Acin Thelander will give a presentation of a three-year research project “Towards sensuous ecologies, Rethinking ableism in choreographic and movement practices” on October 13th. The sharing of the Research Labs in cooperation with ThinkArts Kolkata will take place October 14th. For the full program please visit our website at

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