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After receiving more than 250 applications, this group of young people has been selected to be part of the Next Generation programme during the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Kristiansand.

If you wish to support the participants who are the least likely to be able to take part because of financial constraints and challenges, you can become a Friend of ASSITEJ!  

Chloe Flockart


Chloe Flockart is a multi-disciplinary  artist from Western Australia. She is a puppetry specialist, with skills in movement, improvisation, writing and design.

Anouchka Crahay

Anouchka Crahay is a young Belgian puppeteer, working for young audiences for the past five years. She is currently launching her own company.

Camila Olfos Besnier

Camila Olfos Besnier is an Actress and BA in Acting from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. She began her work in the theater for babies in Colombia in 2014.

Katica Šubarić

Katica Šubarić is an actress and puppeteer. She is finishing her doctoral studies at the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia.

Fie Dam Mygind

Fie Dam Mygind is a contemporary dancer based in Copenhagen, with a degree from SEAD in Salzburg. Since 2014 her work has centered around dance for young audiences.

Daniel Bevensee

Daniel Bevensee is a Danish actor. Since 2010, he is the cofounder of the company Teateriet Apropos, based in Aarhus.

Triinu Sikk

Triinu Sikk works as a dramaturg in Rakvere Theatre, a small Estonian theatre in a town with about 15 000 inhabitants. She is also involved in the international performing arts festival Baltoscandal.

Samuli Emery

Samuli Emery is a Finnish dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. During his 15 year-long journey as a dance practitioner, he has immersed himself into different forms of contemporary dance.

Salvör Gullbrá Þórarinsdóttir

Salvör Gullbrá Þórarinsdóttir is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Performance. She makes art that focuses on activism, feminism and social justice for oppressed minorities in society.

James Riordan

James Riordan is an emerging theatre maker with an interest in cross cultural collaboration and a love of theatre for younger eyes. He is trained in physical theatre at the APT (Berlin) and LISPA (London).

Ryo Harada

Ryo Harada is an actor and a Next Generation alumnus from Japan. He took part during the World Congress in Warsaw. He is part of company ma.

Raimondas Klezys

Raimondas Klezys is an actor from Lithuania. He has a master’s degree in theatre pedagogy and works at the baby theater named PRADZIA.


Emilie Mordal

Emilie Mordal is a Norwegian actress at Oslo Nye Teater. She is also working as a producer for her company Kompani Morell.

Mine Nilay Yalcin 

Mine Nilay Yalcin is a director, that started out using street-theatre as part of her political activism. She is currently in Lofoten working on a project on the removal of the FM-band (radio) in Norway.

Kristofer B. Grønskag

Kristofer B. Grønskag is a Norwegian playwright. He has written several plays both for adults, youths and children. His award-winning work has been widely produced, both in Norway, and abroad.

Mohammed Yousef

Mohammed Yousef is a dedicated and entrepreneurial production manager. He is part of the Freedom Theatre, a theatre and cultural centre in Jenin refugee camp, occupied Palestine.

Evgeniya Zlobinskaya

Evgeniya Zlobinskaya is the director of her own company, Creative Association 9. Together with her colleague actress Elena Dementeva, she is now creating an educational program for schools in Moscow.

Myra Loke

Myra Loke is a firm believer of using the arts within communities and with youths to create social awareness and understanding. She works as a freelance theatre maker and educator.

Jayne Batzofin

Jayne Batzofin is a theatre maker. Jayne is completing a Masters in International Dramaturgy, looking at how the child can be involved in dramaturgical decisions when making new works.

Kyrie Oda

Kyrie Oda is a choreographer from Sweden. She has worked internationally as a professional dancer in various dance companies targeting young audience for the last 12 years.

Ceren Oran

Ceren Oran is a dancer and choreographer. She is a Next Generation alumna, and is currently working on the launch of the new ASSITEJ network, Young Dance Network.

Rachel Betts

Rachel Betts is a playwright, director and practitioner. She is interested in exploring how we present childhood on stage, creating challenging, thought-provoking, non-patronizing theatrical experiences.

Kelly Joyce Fielder

Kelly Joyce Fielder is currently pursuing her MFA in Theatre for Youth at Arizona State University. She is a multifaceted theatre maker whose interests lie in international theatre, and theatre for the very young.

Edgars Niklasons

Edgars Niklasons is a director, dramaturg and playwright from Latvia. He is also the head of Theater Studio “TE-13”, in Riga.


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