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Athens, 04/07/2018

Our new book titled Kinemo will be released on November of  2018. The book describes our general theory about the special kind of physical theater we practise.

Motivated by that we would like to share some thoughts related to our artistic beliefs and theater for children.

One of our principles is that if you are performing for kids you have to create a free and open stage. That means that it’ s interesting to create a play with less scenery and fancy costumes and more body usage and crazy rythms. Children can easily complete the missing parts of the image they watch, using their imagination and their mental powers. This way the whole procedure is becoming more vivid for them.

Kinemo style theater is based on surrealistic movement and physical theater techniques. It uses high levels of energy and frenzy rhythms. We believe that if a director uses more the bodies of the actors on stage, the spectators will then use more their minds. Physical theater is one of the ways to cultivate the creativity and the critical thought of the viewer. And we are happy to work towards this way with children.

Based on the Kinemo theatrical manifest we have conceived, in the book we analyze several concepts related to the art of theater. We discuss about our method to control and channel the energy of the actor’s body ( yin – yang method of the actor) , we cite our basic principles during rehearsals and performances, we give examples about warming up exercises, discuss the basic principles of the actors’ movement on stage and several others issues.

The content of Kinemo is our conclusion after nine years practicing its ideas on the road. Find Kinemo on Amazon or contact us via our e-mail

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