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The International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN) want to present voices from around the world who strive to make work open and inclusive to all.
ASSITEJ will be holding it’s annual ‘Artistic Gathering’ this year in Beijing in August and IIAN want present views and thoughts around this subject, so we would like your help to ensure it is a global view and a global voice.
We are planning to create a short film of people talking about what being inclusive means to them.
Therefore we would love your thoughts and voices to be included. What we are asking is very simple and should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

What is required?

Using your phone, tablet or camera we would like you to talk into camera to answer the following two questions.
  1. What does inclusive theatre mean to you?
  2. Why is Inclusive theatre important to you?
Your answers should be quite short, no more than a minute for each answer.
Please remember that the audience will be international, so try to keep your language clear and simple. If english is not your first language then please send a transcript in english.
Once you had done it please then email your video clip to
Along with:
  1. Your Name
  2. Your job/role
  3. Organisation (if you are connected with one)
  4. Your country
The deadline for submitting your videos is 6th August 2018.
We really hope you will be a part of this global voice to demonstrate why Inclusive theatre is import and should continue to be debated within the international sector.