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We are happy to welcome Nawras Almelhem, from Syria, run by, as new individual member of ASSITEJ. Nawras Almelhem works for the Directorate of Education / School Theater Department, is a writer, puppet maker and theater director specializing in theater of the child. He is interested in the role of theater in human development and human construction and has worked in a refugee camp within the psychological support workshop for two years. Beneath you can read his first contribution to the ASSITEJ newsletter.

Theater and freedom – ASSITEJ Syria

There are radical questions about identity, society and freedom imposed in a burning reality, unusual .. And other social areas, found the art itself in front of a reality which is harsh and full of events. What about the theater in this tragedy? What can be the goals of theater and performing arts in these difficult times? Perhaps the highest and most important goal is to build a generation with personality, capable of distinguishing between right and wrong, aware of the tragedy that the war paid to it. A generation of young people who can express themselves freely and courageously. Yes! this freedom will give him joy … and therefore he faces war with joy. 

There will be a deep and effective theater and on the whole arena of the homeland there will be a tightening of the bonds of communication and love, and we will build a new reality but the most beautiful one. Theatrical reality determined by the young generation through their new vision of freedom, love and beauty.