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Aleppo has no food and at most, two weeks of water.
Children are dying every second and we are watching it on the news like a spectator sport.
I urge you to ask at every meeting you go to, every organisation you belong to, every person with power you speak to, they do something, however small.
I appeal to the world, to unite in compassion, to say such cruelty must be addressed….
Our silence is deafening.

-Vicky Ireland


ASSITEJ shares this sense of powerlessness in the face of such destruction and pain.

We would like as an Association to urge our members on towards action, and so have investigated what legitimate organisations there are where we can donate towards efforts that will impact positively children in Syria:


While whatever we do will always be just a drop in the ocean, we agree strongly that it is important to do something rather than nothing, and to say something rather than remain silent.