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On March 20th and 21st, ASSITEJ Uruguay will begin the celebrations of the World Day of Theater for young audiences 

We have organized a national festival where there's will be presented and performed six theatrical and musical plays for children and teenagers that have been selected by the Uruguayan Critics Association and some other Assitej Uruguay's members.

These shows are going to be performed during two days at the Solis Theater of Montevideo, Uruguay, the most important theater in the country. 

We are very happy to have achieved this goal of making our Festival each and every year (now for the past 4 years) as an important event for all the public and private schools so that all the children (more than 3 thousand last year) can assist to very good performances during a normal school day with their teachers. 

So our objective of making new possibilities to reach more students and teachers and bring the Theater closer to all the younger audiences is being accomplished each year. In October this year we will also have a Festival outside Montevideo to reach the countryside audience and performers. These events are very important and difficult to accomplish in our country but at least there's one or two theater festivals per year exclusively for kids and teenagers.

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