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Te Veo Assitej Chile starts a trade mission in South Korea and USA with the support of Pro Chile.

For the first time in history, the performing arts for children and youth are supported by Pro Chile funds to travel to two important trade fairs of circulation and commercialization.

The performing arts for children and youth, without losing its artistic essence and the relevance for human development, also represent an export force that we must promote in Chile and the world, that is the vision of María Sepulveda, President of Te veo Assitej Chile and project manager, obtaining the support to install the need to relieve the performing arts for children and youth in our country and facing the world.

Bebe de Soares, International Advisor of Te Veo Assitej Chile will be one of the representatives with María Sepulveda and Alejandra Caballero, actress and international producer of La Negra María Teatro, a pioneer company in the internationalization of the performing arts for children and youth. They will represent all the companies associated with Te Veo Assitej Chile in K-PAP 2018 (Seoul) and IPAY (Philadelphia). In addition there will be dialogue tables, discussions about the FITA Chile 2017 experience, the first Ibero-American Fair dedicated to Children and Youth, and trade routes between Asia and Chile, and between the US and Chile respectively.


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