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Between January 21 and 26, the IPAY(International Performing Arts for Youth) conference was held in the city of Philadelphia and on this occasion IPAY opened its doors to the FITA CHILE Market, which was suspended as a result of the social unrest  that have taken place since October in Chile and are still ongoing.  

FITA Chile – IBEROAMERICAN  TEVEO ASSITEJ CHILE MARKET is a pioneer event, organized by Te Veo Assitej Chile and AMAZONAS NETWORK, which brings together iberoamerican dance, circus and theater professional companies that make work  for young audiences.  

FITA Chile @ IPAY, was a full day of showcases and spotlights from Latin America on January 26, 2020 showing work from Silencio Blanco, Omar Alvárez Puppets, Proyecto Escritura, Artefactos Bascos, La Negra Maria Teatro, Circo Virtual, Kumba Corporal Percussion, Cia; Aranwa and Grupo Tibanare. 

We highlight and thank the solidarity of our colleagues from IPAY. FITA Chile day was an unprecedented and innovative event which leaves an important precedent in the way of building relationships between countries, and generated a bridge between North and South America, providing a global stage for Fita Chile, strengthening ties with our colleagues around the world and showing the work that many Latin American companies do in their countries.

We are grateful for the sponsorship and contribution to Pro Chile, DIRAC and the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage, because if their support FITA Chile@IPAY would not have been possible. 


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