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Le Cube 

International Center for Research and Creation in Theatre for Children and Youth


Winner of Le Cube multidisciplinary architecture competition


The circumstances surrounding the relocation projects of Le Carrousel, compagnie de théâtre and Théâtre Le Clou allowed these companies to work together to project themselves in time and space, and to dream together Le Cube, an international research and development center in theatre creation for children and youth. Le Cube will make its home in the former church Sainte-Brigide-de-Kildare in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), thus providing a permanent roof to Le Carrousel and Théâtre Le Clou.


This project is the result of a fruitful dialogue between history and modernity, theatre and architecture, offering spaces for research and creation for children and youth. From a place of worship, the nave of the old Sainte-Brigide-de-Kildare church will become a real place of culture.


The mission of Le Cube

Le Cube, a utopia imagined jointly by Le Carrousel and Le Clou, has taken on the mission of "Fostering the evolution, the enrichment and the development of the creation of theatre intended for children and youth and its theatrical practice, at the local, national and international levels, in addition to providing artists with favorable conditions for the practice of their art."


Le Cube continues ongoing research specific to theatre for children and youth. Given that Le Cube does not have as a mandate to broadcast shows, it will work to preserve the balance that has been built on dialogue and cooperation in the theatre milieu over the last four decades. Since September 2015, nearly a hundred artists have benefited from the activities of Le Cube. The childhood / early childhood component is supervised by Le Carrousel, while the teen section is supervised by Le Clou.



     Image credits: in situ architecture studio + Nadeau Nadeau Blondin architectes




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