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In May, June and July of 2021, ASSITEJ Canada hosted a Conversation Series about equity, diversity and inclusion and inherent barriers in the TYA sector. They met with fifteen IBPOC (Indigenous, Black and People of Colour) arts leaders and workers from the TYA sector and the wider arts community in Canada for in-depth and honest conversations about the imbalance both in the art and practices. and asked for frank feedback about how to invite change into the community. The initiative was supported by twenty-five theatre companies and arts organizations in Canada. The confidence the TYA community demonstrated to ASSITEJ Canada was humbling and indicated that these sensitive discussions are urgent and needed to help lead a path to fundamental change in the arts sector.

As ASSITEJ Canada moves ahead into autumn the work continues. They are engaging in anti-racism training with CPAMO (Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario) to facilitate the design of the upcoming ASSITEJ TYA conference: All Together Now : Creating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Canadian Theatre for Young Audiences / Tous ensemble maintenant : créer l’équité, la diversité et l’inclusion dans le théâtre canadien pour les jeunes publics to be held in November 9-11, 2021.

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