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A 12 day event with 1390 delegates from around 70 countries attending

A World Congress involving official representatives from over 54 countries and 4 international networks, over 4 days

A ten-day Conference on Intercultural exchange in TYA, 2 day academic conference and 8 Focus days involving more than 209 presenters

An eleven-day International Theatre Festival



63 productions involving

464 artists

In 3 main venues (Artscape, Baxter, City Hall) and 4 Cultural Hubs (Atlantis, Langa, Phillipi and Vrygrond)

29 South African Productions

6 International/SA collaborative productions

11 African (non-SA) productions and collaborations

17 non-African International productions



18 562 tickets through Computicket

1247 attending Rocking the Cradle

2500 attending the Cultural Hubs

Actual attendance of productions ranged between 60% and 100%, due to artists being able to access all productions for free, if there was space in the auditorium.

7850 children/ youth attendances, with 2859 sponsored learners

32 sponsored buses

At least 1960 attended the special events (Opening, Auction, Awards Evening, Closing).



More than 56 discreet media articles

Over 100 documented items produced by Dialogue for Community

Over 3,6 million impressions on the internet

17,900 unique visitors to the website over April/May

Over 1000 new likes on Facebook



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