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⏰ Deadline: 21 November 2019

Call for submissions 2020 ASSITEJ Magazine

The 20th ASSITEJ World Congress and Festival will be in Japan from May, 14-24 2020.

The specific theme for 2020 is Towards the Unknown—Beginning the Journey

The magazine will be published in English and in Japanese. We will again create a visual magazine that communicates through images and text.  Both visuals and text should address the theme: Beginning the Journey.

This magazine calls for articles that envision beginning the journey to the future and the unknown from numerous artistic perspectives:

  • How would you start your journey as artists, directors, actors, producers, pedagogues, dramaturgs, researchers, dancers, musicians, scenographers, video artists?
  • How do we see the journey of the audience towards the unknown?
  • What role can the arts and culture provide along the journey?
  • How does TYA begin to address the increasing humanitarian crises affecting children and youth?
  • Can exposure to arts and culture alleviate emotional distress in children and youth, and if so how?
  • How could TYA expand further inclusivity in TYA?
  • Are there examples of TYA that have begun their journey towards the future, and if so how? For better or for worse?

Articles should:

  • be between 500-700 words maximum and sent in Word and PDF (both), Times 12pt font via e-mail
  • include a title and the name of the author at the top, and a 25 word bio of the author at the end.
  • be accompanied by high quality photos in separate files from the article, TIFF preferred but JPEG is acceptable, the size of the files should not be less than 5 MB.
    • Photos should be credited with name of photographer, company, and play.
    • All files should be named by last name of author and country.
    • Submissions should be in English (Japanese translations will be provided)
Deadline for submissions is November 21st, 2019:

Send your submissions