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International Research Residency, Theatre for Young Audiences in Frankfurt

In cooperation with Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm and Theaterhaus Frankfurt, the international theatre festival for young audiences “Starke Stucke” is offering international residency in three phases in the field of theatre for young audiences. International theatre makers, independent artists from the region as well as students of the Hessian Theatre Academy (HTA) interested in working in this field are invited to attend the festival Starke Stucke (02 – 14 March 2017) as a group. Subsequently, they can then continue exploring artistic inquiries of their own in residency in July 2017 and February 2018, followed by the chance to present (partial) results at Starke Stucke 2018.

Next generation workspace

The research residency is divided into three phases and aims to encourage young theatre makers to more intensely explore the field of “Theatre for Young Audiences” against the backdrop of their own artistic practices. During a collective visit to the festival, all invited artists will be asked to formulate issues and questions together based on the viewing of select productions. The results of the group discussions will serve as a basis for the further exploration and practical examination of the materials and formulated lines of inquiry during the subsequent residency phase. The next generation workspace is designed to be an experimental lab open to active contribution and reformulation by its participants. All residency artists are invited to share their practical-artistic experience, methods of reflection and working processes with the group. The goal is to transition from a discussion of select festival productions and the reflection of personal work experience, approaches and positions in small groups on the subject of “Theatre for Young Audiences” to an artistic process. In this process, participants can engage in an open-ended exploration of personal research interests, specific topic or individual artistic formats. In 2018, participants will have the chance to open their research processes during the festival and to invite the public to take part in it.

First Phase

The residency group (ca. 12 participants) will discuss select productions from the festival program and meet international artists from the fields of theatre, dance and performance, as well as local presenters working for young audiences. Phase I focuses on exchange and the discussion of artistic practices and personal research interests as they relate to working with young audiences. During their visit, the participants will independently develop a shared structure for working together, as well as initial project ideas to be further developed in groups and/or in close collaboration among one another in the subsequent project phases.

The first residency phase will be accompanied by Detlef Köhler (Festival Director Starke Stücke Frankfurt RheinMain) and Liljan Halfen (Starke Stücke, FrankfurtRheinMain).

Time and Place: 03 – 15 March 2017, during Starke Stücke, Frankfurt and Rhine-Main Region

Second Phase

During the second residency phase in summer 2017, participants will work together or in small groups on the projects proposed during the festival. Phase II is a “Research Lab”. Here, ideas can be tested, discarded and re-concocted. The aim is not a finished product, but rather practical research on ways to implement artistic ideas for young audiences. For this, Mousonturm and Theaterhaus will provide rehearsal studios, as well as simple technical support and a small financial budget if necessary. Phase II will be mentored and accompanied by Jetse Batelaan (Theater Artemis, ‘s-Hertogenbosch), Philipp Karau (SKART & Masters of the Universe, Frankfurt), Liljan Halfen (Starke Stücke, FrankfurtRheinMain), Susanne Freiling (Theaterhaus, Frankfurt) and Marcus Droß (Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt).

Time and Place: 14 – 30 July 2017 (tbc), Mousonturm and Theaterhaus, Frankfurt

Third Phase

During the last residency phase, directly before the Starke Stucke 2018 festival, participants can continue their research and subsequently present results during the festival. Here, participants have the chance to adapt the presentations before a young or intergenerational audience to personal artistic formats and so receive specific feedback within a protected environment. Simultaneously, participants can deepen their contacts to presenters and other creatives. At the end of Phase III, participants will moreover meet the next generation of new residents …

Time and Place: 14-16 days in late February / early March 2018, Mousonturm, Theaterhaus and Starke

Stücke, Frankfurt and Region

Participant Profile

  • Independent artists and graduates, already working for or interested in working for young audiences in the fields: acting, directing, puppetry, performance, dance, set design, music.

? Permanent resident of the State of Hesse or with main workplace in Hesse

? Residing or with main workplace outside of Germany

  • Actively enrolled student of the Hessian Theatre Academy, in the programs: BA and MA Applied Theatre Studies and MA Choreography and Performance (Institute for Applied Theatre Studies Giesen), Drama, Directing, Theatre and Orchestra Management, Master Contemporary Dance Education and Music Theatre/Voice (Frankfurt University for Music and Performing Arts), MA Dramaturgy (Goethe University) and Set and Costume Design (Offenbach School of Design)
  • A firm interest in an artistic involvement with young audiences
  • Full participation in all three residency phases is required.
  • Working language is English.

Residency Conditions Offered

  • Residency participation is free of charge (under the condition that all project phases are attended).
  • The residency program will cover the costs for tickets and travel during the festival.
  • Free access to rehearsal stages/ studio space.
  • Organizational, dramaturgical and technical support and supervision in all residency phases.
  • Opportunity to present results during Stark Stucke 2018
  • Residency participants, who are not part of the HTA will receive a small allowance during Phase II and III
  • Accommodation will be covered for residency participants not living in Hesse during all residency phases (twin room)

For More Information and How to Apply

Please send the completed application form (if possible as PDF) to Liljan Halfen (project head) by 15 December 2016: For more information on the program, please also contact Liljan Halfen.

Please note: The project is subject to funding approval.

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