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… everyone pronounces its magic name wrongly (and enjoys doing so) and it sounds wonderful how many people on podiums, at openings and reception pronounce the name wrongly all at the same time. That makes it sound like a promise, an energy that leads to exciting experiences.

… theater for children and young people theater is theater for everyone.

… it is not self-evident that there is such a thing as professional theater for young audiences.

… it is important to grow together and become closer especially at times of global changes that make the world seem bigger and smaller at the same time. It is important how things are organized locally and nationally and we can meet others, strangers, the “other” and the unknown, ask questions and create a better “we”.

… this association is about support, decency and continuity in times of a cultural mainstream that might lose its power to inspire.

… we have to work together in order to create good work, be precise and contribute, aesthetically and with the choice of our topics and themes.

… it means exchange and reflection, together about new and old ideas, it means to think over, to think forward, to think through, to ask and to encounter people and ideas.

… theater for children and young people is ancient, but also a newcomer among older traditions and established institutions that might claim to create theater for young audiences but are not interested in knowing more about our work and our professional experience.

… we educate each other, learn from each other, discover what is right and wrong and yet, we still eat French fries now and then, just because they taste good.

… it’s the most beautiful network I know, because it gives me the opportunity to learn about new, old, boredom, suspense, sadness, fun, excitement, unknown and profane, complex and transcultural, intercultural and mixed-cultural (please continue extending this list, it could become a fun experiment…).


Christoph Macha, 
Dramaturg junge generation Dresden (, in answer to the question “Why do we need ASSITEJ?” and the celebration for 50 years of ASSITEJ Germany at the International Festival “Bright View” (Schöne Aussicht) 2016 (

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