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ITYARN, the International Theatre for Young Audiences Network is the official research network of ASSITEJ. Every three years, at ASSITEJ’s World Congress and Festival, ITYARN organizes a conference, where researchers, as well as artists, from all over the world share their insights and perspectives.

This is the fourth ITYARN book, compiled from two conference events, one held in 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa on “Cultural Exchange and Diversity in TYA,” coinciding with the XIXth ASSITEJ World Congress and Festival Cradle of Creativity, and one held in Kristiansand Norway on “(Re)presenting Childhood,” coinciding with the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering Confronting the Present.

You can read a chapter from the book here, by Sandra Grehn: “Performativity and the Construction of Children’s Citizenship in Backa Theatre’s Staging of Lille Kung Mattias.”

Twelve presentations were selected from these events and together they offer a rich mosaic of research areas in Theatre for Young Audiences — inquiring into the portrayal of and performing for children with cognitive and physical disabilities, disrupting narratives on settlers and indigenous populations, connecting spectatorship and diversity, questioning the male gaze while watching girls perform, analyzing trauma and spiritual healing in TYA plays and performances, examining theatre for babies and theatre for/by/with young adults. Each article is framed by the individual scholar’s cultural and ideological background. This diversity of perspectives and scholarly modes of discourse contribute to furthering the research and practice in the field, opening up horizons and inspiring innovation.

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