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Teatro al Vacío Company from Mexico, member of Small Size Association since 2014, shares with pleasure that they will start 2016 with meetings with two major companies that are a reference point in work dedicated to early childhood: La Baracca (Italy) and Teatro Paraíso (Spain).

During the month of February, Teatro al Vacío will conduct a residence in Bologna as part of the new project CERCA/CLOSE. This scenic research project seeks to dialogue in a creative process with artists from La Baracca, in order to learn from the plural experience and enrich scenic proposal. The conclusion of this creative process will be shared as a work in progress or study for organizers in the next edition of the Festival “Visioni di Futuro, Visioni di Teatro”. This residence has the support of Iberescena Program.

Then, in March, Teatro al Vacío will visit the city of Vitoria, in the Basque Country, to participate in the Mentoring Project of Teatro Paraíso, which began to develop with Teatro al Vacío in Mexico since their visit last November. They will experience the work that KunArte, headquarters of the company, has developed in the artistic and educational fields with the community. They will be able to continue studying and advancing the process of forming an audience, also from the perspective of management, necessary for its development.

These residences will give the opportunity to share views about theater for early years and to learn about the development of creative processes, production and relationships with the public, the community and the field of education they have generated. It will be a sharing of knowledge that will strengthen communication links in order to enrich the work that Teatro al Vacío offers for early childhood.

Teatro al vacío

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