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‘Next Generation’ Placements

ASSITEJ International facilitates ‘Next Generation’ Placements that provide younger / emerging theatre artists, producers, and administrators with unique opportunities for international mobility within the Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People (TYA) field.

Through these placements, younger / emerging practitioners with an interest and / or experience in TYA have the opportunity to share experiences, learn, and work with practitioners in a country different to their own within the framework of a placement provided by a host such as in the context of a festival, seminar, workshop, forum, production, etc.

These opportunities vary widely in their context, role, and duration, depending on the opportunities that ASSITEJ members have available and choose to advertise. However, they all are focused on encouraging contact, exchange, and collaboration between emerging and experienced practitioners.

Any person aged between 18 and 35 years old with an interest in TYA may apply for a placement through this programme and may apply to ASSITEJ International for limited financial support.

All placement opportunities are distributed via email to ASSITEJ International members. Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on the latest placement opportunities.

If you are a TYA practitioner or organisation, and want to let us know about an upcoming placement opportunity, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Why Placements?

Every ‘Next Generation’ Placement is a unique opportunity – no two offers are ever the same. This quality makes the programme exciting, even unpredictable in its impact. Feedback from previous participants demonstrates that the opportunities provided have proved exceptional.

Mentorship and support to a generation of young and emerging talent are at the core of the programme. Creating a bond between younger, emerging practitioners and experienced, established theatre-makers is invaluable for ASSITEJ International and the worldwide TYA community.

Placement Experiences

Elena Manzo

“I can say that the placements is a programme that can help to increase the exchange between cultures and forms of arts and, as well, to open the international perspective to create new ways of artistic work”, said Elena Manzo from Mexico. Elena spent one week at Theatre an der Parkaue in Berlin in February 2015. “The week I worked with the Winterakademie was very interesting, intense, and full of creativity. I could develop my capacities as an artist and learn from the theatre team and the work with the kids. The chance to get to know new people in theatre, and to work with children and teenagers in Berlin, expanded my point of view in my work as an artist and helped me to develop new ways of working.”

Charlotte Loriot

Charlotte Loriot from France spent nearly two months in South Africa. Eliot Moleba invited her to work as a dramaturg on the theatre play “The Orphan of Gaza” which had its rehearsal process and premiere in Johannesburg before a tour of Cape Town and The National Arts Festival in Makhanda. Charlotte shared that “the opportunity to meet very interesting, engaged, and challenging artists has been very inspiring. One of my greatest experiences has been the people I’ve met and the ability to tour and create with very simple tools (different to the big opera houses I’m used to…), focusing on our audience and the message. To put it in a nutshell, I really enjoyed it!”

Placement Formats

Companies, centres, networks, festivals, or associations may offer placements. They may include participation in festivals, seminars, forums, workshops, productions, or any other project within the Theatre & Performing Arts for Children & Young People (TYA) field. Placements will typically allow younger and emerging practitioners to have experience in areas such as acting, directing, production, playwriting, design, administration, or any other TYA-related projects. The placements should take place in a country other than the participant’s own.

Each placement offer may be for one or more people. The length and other conditions of the placement may vary. The placement may or may not include an offer for accommodation, financial support, and / or meals. Each offer should be made with a detailed description of the activities involved and the placement conditions.

ASSITEJ International’s Role In The Placements

  • ASSITEJ International promotes the ‘Next Generation’ Placements by looking for and encouraging new opportunities to be created and opened, distributing this information among members, publishing the offers on its website, and being the contact between offer-makers and applicants when needed;
  • ASSITEJ International will not make any decision about the selection of the applicants nor the condition of the placements – it will only mediate the applications;
  • ASSITEJ International aims to make these opportunities more visible and accessible to as many interested stakeholders as possible, as well as to learn from previous participants’ experiences and to share these with future placement hosts;
  • ASSITEJ International is not at all legally, financially, or in other ways practically responsible for the planning and delivery of the placement opportunity.

Add A Placement Opportunity

If you’re preparing a festival, planning new projects, or want to open the doors of your theatre / organisation / team, we invite you to submit your placement offer.

Offers are accepted throughout the year with a rolling deadline.

Please note that your listing may not be published immediately. ASSITEJ International reserves the right to publish or not the contributions added. If the form is not displaying correctly, please click here. If you cannot submit your placement opportunity using the form provided, have any questions, or wish to make corrections to a published listing, please get in touch with us.

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