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The Archives consists of submissions of the National Centres and the theatres they represent, as well as Association documents and files of the General Secretariat, across many different media types. In its entirety, the Archives provides an insight into the cross-border politics of the Association as well as socio-political developments and their impact on the work of theatre and performing arts for young audiences around the world.

You can read more about our Archives here.


ASSITEJ International has four awards that each, in different ways, celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions to theatre and performing arts for young audiences locally, regionally, and globally.

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Babel Project

‘Babel or The Art of Listening in Theatre for Young Audiences’ is a European large-scale cooperation project co-funded by the ‘Creative Europe’ programme of the European Commission. It aims to increase and improve the artistic, linguistic, and cultural diversity in TYA through exploring communication across different verbal and non-verbal languages in order to proactively involve the voices, needs, and feedback of children and young people in the creation of artistic works while supporting international networking through ASSITEJ International. By fostering intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, and overcoming language barriers, the project intends to highlight the complexity and richness of the theatrical relationship between artists and children / young people of all ages and, in doing so, it seeks to enable the better representation of a wider spectrum of identities on TYA stages.

You may learn more about this project by visiting the ‘Babel or The Art of Listening in Theatre for Young Audiences’ website here.

Building Collective Resilience

‘Theatre & Performing Arts for Young Audiences: Building Collective Resilience’, is a project co-funded by the European Union which is designed to build collective resilience across the network of cultural and creative organisations working in the Theatre & Performing Arts for Young Audiences (TYA) sector. The project centres ASSITEJ International as the network catalyst for connection and involvement, for the collation of research and best practice, and for the increase of artistic voices.

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Working committees create a space for continued work on key cross-cutting issues within ASSITEJ InternationalCurrently, the two committees operating are the ‘Access’ Working Committee and the ‘Sustainability’ Working CommitteeThe committees consist of sector professionals, local organisers of ASSITEJ International affiliated events, and members of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International.

You can read more about our two Committees here.


The magazine is the reference publication of ASSITEJ International. Being released on the occasion of an annual meeting, either an ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People or an ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, it is published in cooperation between ASSITEJ International and the ASSITEJ National Centre organising the event. The articles are published in English as well as in the original language of the authors.

You may learn more, and view previous issues of the magazine, by clicking here.

‘Next Generation’ Programme

The ASSITEJ International ‘Next Generation’ Programme is designed to create new opportunities for emerging artists’ professional development and to enable international exchange and collaboration between them and more established practitioners. It offers residency and placement opportunities every year.

You may learn more about the opportunities to apply for the ‘Next Generation’ Programme by clicking here.


ASSITEJ International sends out a regular newsletter, to which anyone can subscribe for free, with updates from members and professionals in the sector, a round-up of the latest opportunities, information about TYA festivals, and relevant articles about the sector.

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Regional Workshops

ASSITEJ International organises regional workshops which play a vital role in fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and building networks within specific regions. These workshops aim to give practitioners in the region access to high-level professional development and intra-regional networking.

You can read more about our Regional Workshops here.

Voices of Children & Teenagers

In 2022, ASSITEJ International launched two new projects, ‘Voices of Children’ and ‘Voices of Teenagers’, to bring children’s and young people’s voices into artistic conversations and other sectoral discussions.

In recognition of the importance of including children and young people’s own voices in the learning and development of ASSITEJ International and its members, these programmes will integrate the voices of children and teenagers into professional learning around what our young audiences demand in terms of sustainability, participation, and creative feedback.

You may learn more about these two programmes by clicking here.

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