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World Theatre Day for Children and Young People Unveils A Week of Wonders in Zimbabwe

HARARE, ZIMBABWE – 20-27 March 2024, in a groundbreaking move set to captivate the hearts and imaginations of Zimbabwe’s youth.  Precious Children’s Arts organisation in partnership with National Arts Council of Zimbabwe- Harare Province , ASSITEJ Zimbabwe), Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre, Pastime Trust, Zimbabwe Theatre Academy, LITFEST, SWWA, Heritage Village, is thrilled to announce a vibrant, week-long series of events in celebration of World Theatre Day for Children and Young People. Aimed at fostering a love for the arts among the children, the activities will take place from 20 – 27 March, featuring an array of theatrical performances, workshops, and interactive activities across various venues in Harare.

As a beacon for young talents within the Zimbabwean arts and culture sector, ASSITEJ Zimbabwe, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, Precious Children’s Arts Organisation (PICA), Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre, Pastime Trust, Zimbabwe Theatre Academy, LITFEST, SWWA, Heritage Village invites children, educators, and families to immerse themselves in the transformative power of theatre. This year’s theme, “Take a Child to the Theatre Today,” underscores our commitment to making theatre accessible to all children, enriching their educational journey and igniting their creative spark.

Apart from Harare, the celebrations will also be seen happening in Gwanda, Bulawayo, Hwange and Mutare creating a platform for every child to participate in the celebrations through various forms of performing arts.

Event Highlights Include:

Official Opening Ceremony: Join us at Jasen Mpepo Little Theatre on the 20th of March at 10 AM for the opening, featuring a production for young audience “Dhiya” , Dance performance by Elysium Magna, poets from  among other performances.

Children’s Performance Day: A platform for young talents to shine, scheduled for 23 March Schools and individual performers are welcome to register and participate.

LITFest Schools Poetry Slam competition and launch: LITFEST will introduce a special program the school’s poetry slam competition which will unfold in various series throughout the year, culminating in the grand finale in November. The Poetry slam will be held on the 21st of March and 22nd of March.

A time for story telling:  Time to hear a story, children, friends, family will be invited for story telling day, where they will hear different stories as well as sharing their stories at heritage village.

This celebration not only entertains but educates, aiming to instill a deep appreciation for the arts, encourage cultural pride, and inspire the next generation of artists and audiences. We believe in the transformative potential of theatre to bring communities together, bridge cultural divides, and celebrate the universal stories that connect us all.

We invite the media and public to join us in this celebration of creativity, diversity, and the arts. Together, we can ensure a memorable and impactful World Theatre Day for children and young people across Zimbabwe.

For more details, event registration, or to find out how you can support this monumental event, reach out to Chipo Basopo at +263777449445 /

Let’s Make History Together. Let’s Ignite the Spark of Theatre in Every Child.