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The Zimbabwe association of theatre for children and young people (ZATCYP) is at the stage of reviving its structures in order to continue with its mandate to promote theatre for children and young people in the country. To spearhead our restructuring, we have started recruiting members across the ten provinces of Zimbabwe by appointing the focal chairpersons per district, whose names we are given by the provincial arts managers. This serves to create executive boards from district level up to the national level, with people who are well exposed to the world of the arts. These members are to be given certificates that show that they are now part and parcel of ASSITEJ Zimbabwe. Also we will automatically give honorary certificates of membership to institutes like the orphanages, prisons and disability centres. ASSITEJ Zimbabwe promises to work with schools, churches and community groups to support theatre works to a wider range of the population. This raises hopes that by next year we will be able to host our world children’s theatre day on 20 March 2020.



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