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ITYARN, the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network, is calling for nominations for the second Geesche Wartemann Emerging Scholars Award, to be awarded at the 21st ASSITEJ International World Congress & Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People “Voices of a New World” – Cuba 2024.

Nominees are selected based on the following criteria:

-The nominee is a current PhD student within 2 years of their degree at the submission deadline, and specialize in any aspect of Theatre for Young Audiences


The nominee is within 3 years after finishing their PhD, at the time of the submission deadline.

-The nominee demonstrates ongoing contributions to the field of TYA as stated in a maximum 10-page CV.

-The nominee should provide a 5-10 page summary of their current research or dissertation, supported by a separate bibliography of works cited in the study.

-The nominee has to be a member of ITYARN.

-The nominee has the support of two scholars through two letters of support; one from the current or former advisor, and one from a scholar outside of the nominee’s (former) institution. If the nominee is employed a letter of recommendation from a colleague of their current institution is acceptable.

The award winner will be honored at the ASSITEJ Congress and Festival Awards Ceremony in Cuba, in 2024. The awarded winner will be expected to become a board member of ITYARN and actively contribute to disseminating its mission.

Complete nominations are due February 15, 2024. Nominees’ materials—cover letter, summary of research, and bibliography—should be gathered in one PDF, letters of support should be sent separately and confidentially.

The entire ITYARN Board will review nomination. In case of a conflict of interest the board member will be recused. Please send nominations to the following address:

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