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Havana, Cuba
24 May – 1 June 2024

The ASSITEJ World Congress is calling for:

Productions / Performances for, with and by children and young people. All performing arts genres and artistic expressions are welcomed. A special focus will be on participation, breadth of art form and a celebration of community impact. The festival of the World Congress is an opportunity to invite practitioners who work in public space, in non-traditional forms, in participation, in immersive and sensory installations. Online productions are also encouraged to apply.

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Professional Exchange Programme Sessions including workshops, seminars, lectures, roundtables, meetings, networking sessions, film screenings, exhibitions, social events, and other formats related to performing arts for young audiences (sessions may be presented ‘On the Ground’, ‘Online’, or a ‘Hybrid’ of both).

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Conference Papers focused on the theme “Voices of a New World: Legacy and Innovation in TYA.” Papers may take a variety of perspectives, such as history and cultural contexts, intangible cultural heritage, decolonisation, media, aesthetics and art forms, social interventions through art, psychology, theoretical concepts of child and childhood, social and economic conditions, sustainability, race and ethnicity, gender, accessibility, ability, and sexual orientation. The conference is held by ITYARN (International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network)

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Download the Full English Call

Voices of a New World – a greeting from Cuba

ASSITEJ Cuba and ASSITEJ International, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the National Council for the Performing Arts in Cuba invite you to the 21st ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival for Children & Young People (2024) in Cuba – the most important global moment in the field of theatre and performing arts for young audiences with participation from all around the world.

It is essential to think of the world and art as the communion of different voices full of nuance. The children and youth of the world are increasingly demanding more spaces for poetic expression, where they can make the art they practice a tool for real transformation. It is up to artists to hear the emerging voices and give them the space they need. Our Congress seeks to empower their points of view through performances, dialogues, panels, and interdisciplinary encounters.

We must think of our geographies, physical and theatrical, as full of love and hope. With our arms open to the Caribbean Sea, we await the arrival of companies and artists from different parts of the world. Languages will not be a barrier, neither will accents; only unity and the desire to be better in ourselves and with the planet that gives us a home.

We need new voices for a new world; let us make them heard!


How To Apply? 

All applicants are asked to submit their applications through our online application platform.

Links can be found within the specific call.


The deadline for Production/Performance applications is 21st August 2023.

The deadline for Professional Exchange Programme applications is 15th September 2023.

The deadline for Conference Paper applications is 25th October 2023.

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