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The 4th NG Program 2023 hosted by ASSITEJ Pakistan was celebrated by 15 theater makers from 7 countries in Lahore for 11 days through workshops, exchange and performance showcases for public. For the 4th time since 2018, ASSITEJ Pakistan successfully hosted an international theatre workshop in Lahore titled “Next Generation” from 9th February till 18th February. A series of workshops from master trainers and mentors like Asghar Nadeem Syed, Ahmad Bilal, Bina Jawwad, Huma Safdar, Mobeen Ejaz, Aamir Nawaz and Shoaib Iqbal were the part of the program. Theatre makers from Pakistan, Lithuania, Iceland, Finland, Sri Lanka, Mexico and USA were part of the residency program. The programme brings emerging artists together to share, exchange, learn and present. The programme showcased projects, discussion sessions, development of collaborative performances and performance showcase.

Ashgar Nadeem Syed, a well acclaimed writer of Pakistan, through his session “Modern Theatre and its Challenges in Pakistan” highlighted how theatre in Pakistan got modernized by throwing the light on a glimpse from the past. One of his keynotes was that all those who are still connected with their past, will be the future otherwise there is no future.  Another session by well acclaimed theatre director, Huma Safdar shared the art of making theatre specially focused on the importance of Punjabi folk , Sufism and its contribution toward the evolution of today’s theatre in this era. She shared the kalam of baba Bullah shah with the participants and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. Bina Jawwad, an important dance performer in Pakistan, introduced Kathak dance to all international and local participants of the residency. Her session was focused on progress through self-belief. 

These theatre makers produced three short theatre plays named Deadtime, A Colorful Night, and Dun Dun Duna Dun, on 17th of February at Aangun Center for Learning and Culture and on 18th at Kinnaird Collage for Women Lahore.