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4-12 January 2022

Live performances and Online symposiums

ricca ricca*festa, also known as the International Theater Festival OKINAWA for Young Audiences is an international performing arts festival for children, young people and their families of which has taken place every year in Okinawa since 2005.

The theme of this year’s ricca ricca*festa is “Connecting more with the world through theatre”.

The world is closely connected through people. The social and psychological impact of the new coronavirus pandemic has been huge, as it has divided countries and people from each other. This is why we believe that more ‘cooperation’ and ‘collaboration’ is needed. At this year’s festival, we will hold nine symposiums to discuss the future of the world and what we can do together through theatre with practitioners from Asia and all over the world.

Baby Drama Symposium (language: EN/JP)

Japan-China-Korea Festival Symposium (EN/JP)

Asian TYA Network Symposium (EN/JP)

Asian TYA Festival Symposium (EN/JP)

East Asian Cultural Cities Symposium (JP)

Tourism and Cultural Strategy Symposium (JP)

Next Generation Symposium (EN)

Children’s Theatre Production at Public Theatres Symposium (JP)

Inclusive Society Symposium (JP)

The full programme can be found on our website:

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