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⏰ Deadline: 10 November 2021 (New deadline)
🌏 Helsingborg, Sweden
🗓 17 – 22 May 2022

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The Next Generation (NG) residency programme is an ASSITEJ initiative, designed to support artistic and cultural exchange and collaboration between international artists aged 36 years or below, interested in theatre for young audiences, at ASSITEJ events.


ASSITEJ Sweden and the Bibu Biennial invites 16 artists, critics, producers, researchers, from around the world to attend the Next Generation program at Bibu 17 – 22 May 2022.

For the 2022 Next Generation Residency we will work with ”Placemaking” as a theme.

Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being. We want to turn the residency into a research project, of what this can mean to and how it relates to our work within performing arts for children and youth.

The NG residency program at AAG/Bibu will include:

  • Performances for children & young people from the festival program of Bibu.
  • Discussions, seminars and workshops.
  • A series of workshops and “Sharings” within the group of Next Generation participants
  • Networking with theatre practitioners from Sweden and from the global ASSITEJ community.
  • A meeting with the ASSITEJ Next Generation Network.

Bibu Biennial will provide:

  • Accommodation in double rooms for up to 6 nights (depending on travel schedules).
  • All registration, theatre tickets, seminars, and access to workshops.
  • Food and/or per diem.
  • Facilitation of the program.

Next Generation participants are expected to fundraise for their own travel to the festival. Applicants, who are accepted to the program may apply for a partial travel grant from Bibu and ASSITEJ.

As an inclusive program, Next Generation welcomes applications from disabled artists.

How to apply

Fill out the application form before 10 November 2021:


  • 10 November 2021 – Deadline for applications for the program
  • 25 November 2021 – Announcement of successful applicants
  • 10 December 2021 – Deadline for applications for travel grant
  • 15 January 2022 – Announcement of successful travel grants


Bibu is the most important meeting place in Sweden for professional performing arts for a young audience – an arena where all of us who work with children, young people and performing arts and culture, get together to experience and discuss performing arts for children and youth. Next Bibu Festival takes place 17th to 22nd of May 2022 in Helsingborg.


An ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering is a space in which all the members of ASSITEJ have the opportunity to meet to discuss the artistic life of the organization and their own artistic life within the field of theatre for young audiences through Forums, Workshops, Seminars, performance programmes and other related events.

The gatherings take place every year in which there is not an ASSITEJ World Congress (which occurs every three years within the life of the organization) and is the most important global event in the field of theatre and the performing arts for young audiences in the year.

The gathering is hosted by a new country and festival every year and will take place in Sweden (2022), Serbia (2023) and France (2025). In 2024 the ASSITEJ members will meet at the 21st World Congress & Performing arts Festival in Cuba.

⏰ Deadline: 10 November 2021
🌏 Helsingborg, Sweden
🗓 17 – 22 May 2022

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