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The Executive Committee of ASSITEJ invites for a third UMBRELLAnetworking – a gathering for ASSITEJ Centres and ASSITEJ Networks.

UMBRELLAnetworking is for anyone engaged in an ASSITEJ National Centre or ASSITEJ Network as a board member, staff, volunteer, or active member. It is also for members who wish to create a new Centre or Network.


The theme of this session is sustainability. We would like to initiate the conversation among the National Centres and ASSITEJ Networks and inspire each other on how this topic can be addressed: How can the National Centre be sustainable in its own practice? How can a National Centre or Network work with its members to create a more sustainable TYA in their country or professional field? What kind of initiatives are Centres and Networks already creating and what can we learn from them?


The duration of both sessions will be 90 minutes.


UMBRELLAnetworking Meeting A

7 December 2021 at 9 am CET.

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UMBRELLAnetworking Meeting B

7 December 2021 at 3 pm CET.

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