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In the next few months the new theatre publications of ASSITEJ Spain will be released

Two new titles become part of the ASSITEJ Spain Theatre Collection, focused on contemporary dramaturgy aimed at young audiences.

These are, on the one hand, Los cuervos  no se peinan, by Maribel Carrasco, and the volume formed by Martina y los hombres pájaro, by Mónica Hoth, and Una bestia en mi jardín, by Valentina Sierra.

Thus, two of this year’s ASSITEJ publications will focus on Mexican drama. They join the publication of La migración en el teatro para la infancia y la juventud de México, an essay by Hugo Salcedo which won the last Juan Cervera Award for Research in Performing Arts for Children and Youth, and which will also be available before the end of the year.

ASSITEJ Spain thus reaffirms its commitment to quality performing arts, committed to the issue of migration: in the coming year it will also continue, together with ASSITEJ France and ASSITEJ Italy, the Migrants project.

Companya de Comediants La Baldufa, National Award for the Performing Arts for Children and Young People

La Baldufa theatre company has won the National Performing Arts Award for Children and Young People, the highest award granted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport, through the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM).

Founded in Lleida (Catalonia) in 1996, Companyia de Comediants La Baldufa was created with the aim of offering high quality artistic, multidisciplinary and ideological shows committed to the values of solidarity, tolerance and respect.

Its commitment to the performing arts for children and young people has also been demonstrated with initiatives such as ‘Diálegs sense Escenari’ (Dialogues without Stage), small episodes of thought around the need for theatre for children and young people. Moreover, for thirteen years La Baldufa has been promoting, artistically directing and organising the Esbaiola’t festival, a date with street theatre and for all audiences in the Catalan Pyrenees.

The jury of the award has highlighted that “their creative energy and permanent research into different registers connect this company with the young, a quality that they combine with a long and rigorous career, in which they have developed their own easily identifiable visual world and aesthetics”.

ASSITEJ participates in the campaign ‘CULTURE MUST GO ON’

ASSITEJ joins the campaign of the Union of Cultural Industries #LACULTURADEBECONTINUAR, which claims the right to culture for all citizens, and also to decent employment conditions for workers in the sector.

The Union of Business Associations of the Spanish Cultural Industry, which represents the business network of the performing arts, film and music sectors, proposes an action plan at the state and regional level.

The campaign has been carried out throughout the month of September. It denounces the false normality in which it is claimed to have resumed cultural activity in our country, and demands palliative measures and aid for the survival of the industry.

The hashtags of the campaign are #culturemustgoon and #nocultureonofuture

The video of the campaign can be seen at:

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