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News from Germany / June 2020 

The 16 federal states in Germany are slowly allowing for theatres to open again if they stick to strict hygiene and distance rules. Some activities (i.e. Open Air) are happening in June/July. Many theatres plan to re-open in September. Rehearsals have started in May. There is also pressure on publicly funded theatres that something has to happen soon even though the conditions under which artists can work, perform and earn their living are quite unclear. 

ASSITEJ Germany has, aside from campaigning for support for arts and culture, focused on two key aspects in these past few weeks: Firstly, we try to bring arts administration and school administration together and we try to get involved as professional partners for schools, teachers, parents and the students whose lives are still much different from what they were. Secondly, we raise our voice for children and young people to be heard. Their ideas, their interests and their rights need to be part of the public discussion, of political decision making and of finding new ways of interacting.

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