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The situation of Covid-19 in Brazil brings a lot of concern. The federal government has been awfully inconsistent in the way it faces the pandemic. Although a week ago the Congress approved emergency measures to offer financial support to informal workers – most theatre people included – the President and the Ministry of Economy have sat on them, based on supposed legal matters. Mostly, Brazilians trust state governors and city mayors, who have been active in taking measures in accordance with the WHO.

Regarding our fellow theatre people, theatres have been closed for nearly four weeks now. Social distancing has been a rule in most states. Millions of Brazilians are facing their third week of quarantine. Some nationwide cultural institutions and organizations, such as Sesc, Itaú Cultural, culture state Secretariats, workers’ unions, civil associations and many others have already released or are about to release emergency calls to support artists and producers. Others are receiving donations and distributing them to culture workers with low or no income at all.

According to health authorities, Brazil is expected to face the worst phase of this pandemic in April and May, as the colder months approach. 

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