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🗓 27 – 31 March
🌍 Barcelona, ESP

ASSITEJ Spain is organising together with the Asociación Profesional de Teatro para todos los Públicos (TTP) the first Gathering of Dramaturgy for Young Audiences. It will be celebrated at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona from 27th to 31th of March. The event also includes a workshop by the prestigious playwright Suzanne Labeau.

The initiative arises from the need to acknowledge dramaturgy for children and young people. The aim of this conferences is to create a long-term space for meeting and debate, which shows the way in which the performing arts are aimed at the youngest audience.

The meeting will last 3 days (29th-31th of March) focusing around debates and conferences with prestigious professionals from the dramaturgy sector. One of the most interesting point of the I Conferences of Dramaturgy for Young Audiences will is the workshop by the well- known Canadian playwright Suzanne Lebeau, who will work with a small group of up to 12 people in a total of 16 hours over 4 days (27th-31th March).

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