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The International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN) greets the New Year with a request to you. We want to ensure that the views of inclusion are represented from all ASSITEJ Centres around the world and in order to do this, we need your help and support.
Therefore in 2019, IIAN is starting its ‘National Champions’ Programme.
We are asking each ASSITEJ country to put forward one named representative to IIAN. This can be an individual or a company, but someone who will be the main point of contact to ensure inclusion is on every national agenda.
What is the role of a National Champion?
We ask you to:
·       Volunteer your time and energy to support IIAN
·       Gather information about inclusive work from your country/region
·       Ensure access and inclusion are on your national centre agenda
·       Hold IIAN meetings in your country/region
·       Offer a voice to shape inclusion debate within IIAN’s network and Board
·       Provide content for the ASSITEJ newsletter and IIAN’s website
·       Take part in IIAN events at international gatherings
We are starting with Disability, so a National Champion could be an individual/s or the representative of a company who works with, for or about Disability for Children and Young People and who is willing to help us in IIAN, for which we would be very grateful.
We hope to give a global snapshot of Disability Arts activities at the ASSITEJ Congress in Tokyo 2020 and your help towards making this happen is really needed, so please send the following information about your Champion/s as soon as possible to IIAN Secretary, Vicky Ireland at
Please send us the following information:
ASSITEJ Member Country:
Name/s of Champion:
Work position:
Phone number:
Connection or interest in Disability Arts within Theatre for Children and Young People: