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We are a Professional Young People’s Art, Theatre/Entertainment Company. It was established with the sole aim of making statement of relevance with a deep root in research making into our culture and tradition towards innovating a creatively different performance style and a story-telling technique that will not only entertain, inform and educate but challenge our audience,
ourselves as human towards nation building and the need for intellectual, social and cultural

In collaboration with the Goethe Institut, Lagos Book and Arts festival and Freedom
Park, we kindly invite you to “KIFT 2018”, an Early Years Theatre Festival with the
theme ‘Shapen the mind, Create the Future’.

KIFT is an annual theatre festival for children with Special focus on works dedicated for Early years, children and adult audience with performances from Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Nigeria and Kenya. It is a platform to showcase new works and theatre of different forms specially for children and early years. In Nigeria, theatre for children is seldom practiced and has had a negative impact in the development of children in our communities. Our aim is to create works solely for children and inject them with these pieces for a proper transition and ascension in their different creative abilities. It is important to make the most of the fluidity and richness of
their imaginations at this time by involving the in the world of theatre for early age.

We call on interested individuals and groups willing to attend our festival or facilitate a
workshop within the scope of TYA and it's development. Also, workshop facilitators willing to teach Nigerian theatre makers about Early Years, physical theatre or any genre are welcome to
support and enjoy the Beauty of the City of Lagos with us.

The festival runs from the 5 th – 9 th November 2018 at Freedom Park, Lagos Island, it is free and open for all schools and kids as our contribution to the development of children within the Clara Mac-emeckor Foundation, St Finbarr’s rd, Akoka, Lagos.

Nigerian space harnessing their creative minds and exploring their imagination at a young age.

Please email the Festival Director- Aniefiok Inyang for more information on the festival.

Joshua Alabi