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Beijing, China, August 2018


As TYA practitioners imagining the future at the Artistic Encounter in Beijing 2018, we commit to the following principles while heading towards the unknown:


Respect – We recognize children and young people are full citizens of society whose voices deserve to be heard and valued. They are a collaborator in our process. We also regard our fellow artists with a spirit of generosity, sharing ideas, resources, and perspectives in order to make each other stronger.

Accessibility – We aim to present work that every child, regardless of cultural and social background, financial situation, geography, and ability, can engage in.

Inclusivity – We will reflect all voices and diverse perspectives, in our work and workplaces.

Innovation – Acknowledging the power of cultural heritage, we embrace imaginative and challenging aesthetics, forms, ideas, disciplines and content.

Exploration – We create opportunities and collaborations where everyone can follow their personal curiosity and inspiration. We will review rigorously with children and other stakeholders our practices to learn from experience.

Freedom – We have the responsibility to create safe spaces where free expression is possible, where all can participate and ideas and knowledge are shared openly.

Advocacy – We empower our audiences and uphold the rights of the artist by enlightening the gatekeepers (teachers, politicians, families, theatres, decision makers, and funders) about all issues related to TYA and its creators


Through an interactive process, led by the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ, the delegates at ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2018 built together a manifesto for Theatre for Young Audiences’ practitioners.


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