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3 ladies, 3 continents, 3 different approaches towards the question: “Why do we need a network for dance?”

The Young Dance Network is an emerging network in ASSITEJ. Here you can read three different approaches towards the question: “Why do we need a network for dance?”

Layla Raña Kanacri (web:

Actress and theatre teacher with studies of performing arts in Chile, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Paris and currently cursing a Masters in Cultural Management in Chile. She has worked as performing technics teacher and acted in at least 20 plays since 2003. On 2010 she creates and directs Compañía Aranwa, pioneering in performing arts for early years in Chile. She participated in the Next Generations program in south Africa. She is also part of the board of Teveo/Assitej Chile, the Red Latinoamericana de Creación Escénica para los Primeros Años and Small Size network

“Why do we need a network for dance?”

The development of dance for children and youth in Chile is extremely incipient. Working in a network and especially the possibility of forming an international network is fundamental for the exchange and circulation of information, as well as suggesting a political vision by promoting cooperative rather than individual work. With this approach, the field, is strengthened and professionalized in a better way, generating new experiences and exchanges, opening new reflections that could expand physical and conceptual boundaries regarding dance for children and youth, encouraging new professionals to investigate this neglected path in our country. It is in joint work where new and better spaces can be achieved. The framework of the network expands our work possibilities, increasing the relevance and visibility of the medium, inaddition to capturing new audiences.

A dance network for children and young people besides professionalizing the medium, thanks to the circulation of information, will generate instances of vibration as a whole where different bodies will mobilize energies and pulsations that will open doors and break paradigms.


Nicola Elliott, South African Dance Specialist including Choreography, Workshop Facilitation and Teaching. (

Dance for Young Audiences is an emerging form in the vibrant landscape of Dance in South Africa, and having a global Young Dance Network will nurture its growth. My wishes for the network are to have a framework for visualising the potential of DYA; to have useful ways of advocating for its presence at festivals, theatres and schools; to foster communication and exchanges of knowledge; and, perhaps most importantly, to connect us South African practitioners to the kinship of a global community. Our current infrastructure for the arts for young audiences in South Africa deserves support. Our audiences are ready and long for the work. We need to meet them with our best selves and the best energy of our artistic friends from all over the world. The YDN is a step in the right direction.

Sanja Tropp Frühwald
Based in Zagreb (Croatia) and Vienna (Austria) working as a performer, choreographer, director, programmer, producer and a dance pedagogue in the field of contemporary dance art. (http://www.vrum.hr

YOUNG DANCE NETWORK is a new name for an ancient tribe, the ongoing (and neverending) developing group of people gathered around life long burning love for movement in all its forms and shapes. YOUNG DANCE NETWORK (or however its name will change again) is a non-hierarchical collective of humans spread around the globe pursuing a course of an unstoppable development of the whole human race: creating a world as a place where Body and Mind get married everyday anew. It’s a happy society, it’s not a sect, although it is curios about embracing masses. YOUNG DANCE NETWORK cherishes the Inovation, Inclusion and Interactivity as it’s norms, also Trembling, Touching, Twisting, Jumping, Turning around, Hugging, Flying and Making waves… and some more things… YOUNG DANCE NETWORK is in love with the Unspokeness of the Dance – as an art form but also as a primal necessity of every human being to move and to communicate. And to cross all different kinds of borders and lines. YOUNG DANCE NETWORK is also young in all possible meanings of the word – it has a tendency to grow and develop, it is focused on the young people and people young in spirit and it is treating both of those with an equal passion to make great steps together. Yes, it is about Togetherness and Togetherness is Power. It is very energetical and is ready to share it. YOUNG DANCE NETWORK has a (r)evolutionary potential. It could shake some structures. YOUNG DANCE NETWORK is my new old family, Sisters and Brothers on all continents, so I allow myself all this Romance, as it is a very important thing, this realization of not Dancing alone. It is a necessity.