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ASSITEJ Zambia its annual Jacaranda National Theatre Festival from June 29 -30, 2018. The festival brought together member groups to showcase their exploits in theatre for young audiences with the theme, “Let us Voice Out against Children’s Rights Injustices” It was held at the Lusaka Play House in Lusaka.

The Jacaranda festival which has been held annually since 2006 under various themes explore what children and young people go through in their localities. This event saw children and adults alike bring out what is seemingly hidden to the public eye and ear in their poems, dance, songs, traditional stories and drama. It was always amazing to see and listen in particular to what the little ones have in their minds when an opportunity to speak  is availed to them – imploring society to give them a ‘fair world’ free of bruised egos, pain and sorrow.

It is planned that the festival will next year cross the national boundary by involving international theatre groups and members.

(photo was taken by Opheria Mwitumwa in the traditional story ‘Kalulu and the Farmer’)

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