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A search for new African voices in theatre for young audiences

ASSITEJ South Africa announces a playwriting competition open to African playwrights. We will be looking at work for all ages and stages of childhood and youth from 0-19 years-old. The theme, plot, genre and style are totally open.

Each of the shortlist of 8 plays, including 3 playwrights from the greater African Continent, and 5 from South Africa, will receive online mentoring with an international expert from the ASSITEJ Write Local, Play Global network of professionals. The winning play will be produced and presented at the Cradle of Creativity 2019, a Biennial International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences in South Africa to be held at the Baxter Theatre Centre in Cape Town from 20 to 25 August 2019.

Scripts will be selected for the short-list based on:

  • work that has been written for a specific stage of childhood and youth
  • the level of excellence in chosen medium
  • the level of innovation and originality
  • the suitability for the audience for which it was created
  • the suitability for an audience of South African children

The play may have had previous readings or amateur performances, but no professional showings.

For the play to be eligible for selection for Cradle of Creativity 2019, it must be written in one of the languages of the Western Cape: English, Afrikaans, or isiXhosa. If the play is in another language, there must be the possibility that it can be translated into one of these languages.

Entrants will be required to submit a one-page synopsis of their play as well as 3 pages of sample text or dialogue.

How to enter:  In order to submit a play to the Competition, the application form should be filled in online at

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