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In September, researchers, playwrights, critics, directors, actors and many other people related to TYA will meet in Buenos Aires to carry out the 5TH INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE RESEARCHERS AND CRITICS FORUM with the aim of stimulating the development of research in the national and international field. The goal of this Forum is to make a theoretical contribution to Theatre for Children and Young People practitioners, to promote the development of new trends. During the meeting different theoretical frameworks on critical approaches will be proposed and the role of theory in practice and practice in theory will be discussed. The 5th FORUM expects to be a platform for exchange.

    This adventure began ten years ago. Every two years, different topics were discussed: “Taboos in TYA” in 2008; “Humour in TYA” in 2010; “Aesthetics in TYA” in 2012; “From theatre for babies to theatre for adolescents- Is there a theatre for each age?” in 2014 and this year we will address “Writing for the New Generations. Where is the theatre for Children and Youth going? “

    All these Forums were organized by the Theatre for Children and Young People Independent Practitioners Association (ATINA-Argentina), in collaboration with the Theatre Researchers and Critics Association (AINCRIT-Argentina), and the International Theatre for Young Audiences Researchers Network (ITYARN) and were declared ASSITEJ projects.

    Conferences, lectures, plenary sessions, meetings, round tables, workshops, debates, presentation of TYA productions and the reading of plays will allow the meeting and the exchange among the participants with the firm purpose of keeping TYA growing.

    During the previous editions papers were from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, USA, Spain, Finland, Ghana, England, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Turkey and Uruguay were presented.

    Conferences and talks have included professionals such as Suzanne Lebeau (Canada), Lola Lara (Spain), Gabriel Macció Pastorini (Uruguay), Manon Van de Water (USA), Jorge Dubatti (Argentina), Aracelia Guerrero (Mexico), Paulo Merisio ( Brazil), Carlos de Urquiza (Argentina), Gervais Gaudreault (Canada), Héctor Presa (Argentina), Peter Manscher (Denmark), Pascale Paulat (France), María Inés Falconi (Argentina), Karen Acioly (Brazil), Henrik Köhler (Denmark), Patricia Lanatta (Argentina), Paloma Dávila (Ecuador), Francisco Brkic (Chile), Luis Pescetti (Argentina), Raúl Sansica (Argentina), Asaya Fujita (Japan), Enrique Olmos de Ita (Mexico), Amauri Falseti (Brazil), Kenjiro Otani (Japan), Teresa Rotemberg (Switzerland), Katariina Metsälampi (Finland), among others.

    A theatrical program of 30 shows over the past 4 editions were added to the programmed activities.

    The Iberoamerican Network has an active participation in the forums. ASSITEJ Spain has published papers and conferences, and professors and researchers have attended to present their conferences and also as members of the Jury.

    We hope that this next edition, which will take place in Buenos Aires between September 17th. and 21st., will continue to be a meeting point for all the people related to theater in Iberoamerica and the World so that the TYA goes on growing.

Daniel H Fernández


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