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Sookhee KIM, the president of the ASSITEJ Korea, has received a special award of the 28th Leehaerang Theatre Award in recognition of her contribution to Theatre for children and young people.

‘Leehaerang Theatre Award’ was established in 1991 in order to cherish the memory of the pioneer of Korean contemporary drama, Lee, Haerang and honor his remarkable achievements. It is hosted by the Chosun Iibo Co., Ltd and the Leehaerang Theater Foundation, and is awarded every April. The judges select candidates from theatrical people or organizations that continue his spirit of play. ‘Leehaerang Theatre Award’ is the most sought-after prize by theatrical people in Korea.

The judges highlighted her dedication to introduce high standard children performances and educate the next generation through play. Sookhee KIM said, “The UNICEF is an international relief organization which helps sick children and the ASSITEJ is an association that makes children’s body and mind healthy. I would like to invite everyone here to the 26th ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival which is held in July.”, during her award acceptance speech.


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